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Current Murrays Sports information regarding COVID-19 virus outbreak, our policy and status at this time. UPDATED 7/16/2020 At this time our warehouse is getting available parts out in a timely manner. We are making every effort to ship same or next day, but it is still possible that shipping and delivery times may be effected. Hobie parts and international vendor parts are experiencing delays of 3-8 weeks for restocking. Some parts may not be available.
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Robine has just released the most advanced SK99 Dyneema kite line to date, Guarda SK99 on mini spools which is perfect for making custom length line sets.  Guarda Sk99 is made specifically for the top kite racers.  It comes in 1.1 and 1.3mm diameters and features the best anti stretch characteristics of anything on the market.  Both the low stretch and the Narrow diameter make the kite react faster and allow more power to transmit to the rider faster for the ultimate racing performance.

Kite Line Splicing Instructions:

Fold the line with a 12” (300mm) tail

Mark both ends of the line 2” (50mm) from the fold

Bunch up about 14 inches of the non tail end

Get a Fid or Wire

Place the tapered end through eye in the fid

Push the fid through non-tail end

Push the fid all the way to the end of the bunched section

Pull the fid through

Hold the black lines together and pull the outside line over the tail

Lark head the line over a handle

Pull the line tight with a series of jerks to set the splice.