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WMFG Front Foot Kiteboard Traction Pad – Black


Product Description

WMFG Front Foot Kiteboard Traction Pad – Black

The WMFG Front Foot Kiteboard Traction Pad – Black 4 piece pad set

SPECS: specs are based on pads installed seamless/pushed together. Width and length can be extended by leaving a gap between pads. 
16.25″ / 41.3cm
28″ / 71.1cm

Tech and Features: Special kiteboard-formulated EVA foam, optimized kiteboard-specific groove pattern. Premium 3M® adhesive backing. Four-piece construction allows custom fitting: spread side to side to expose footstrap inserts or accommodate extra-wide boards; spread front to back to accommodate extra-tall riders. Apply together as one piece for a seamless fit perfect for dedicated strapless boards.

Front foot traction pads are great for kiters who do not want to deal with wax melting in the car, running out of wax or melting on the beach on a hot day. Traction pads also provide a thin layer of padding between the rider and the board which absorbs shock, dampens impacts and can increase the life of the board.

Traction tip: Put a little wax on your pads for increased grip!  It doesn’t melt off and it adds grip to the deck pads, great for airs!

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