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Tef-Gel Hydrofoil Hardware Lubricant


Product Description

Tef-Gel Hydrofoil hardware lubricant

Tef-Gel is a anti seize lubricant for marine environments.  It is great for use on all your Hydrofoil hardware to prevent it from seizing.  Use it on all your foil hardware and metal on metal joints and you wont have to worry about your hardware fusing.

About this item

  • PTFE Based waterproof anti-corrosion & anti seize lubricant
  • Prevents corrosion, galling, seizing and rust
  • Will not break down in salt water or detergents
  • NSN: 8030-01-576-7112, Food grade TEFGEL


ULTRA Tef-Gel Lubricates and eliminates corrosion between dissimilar or different metals by preventing saltwater electrolytes from getting to the surface of those connecting metals. Prevents seizing, galling, and friction welding of stainless steel, inconel, and other nickel alloys. For use on bolts, screws, plates, hitches, electrical connectors and contacts, and anywhere saltwater can affect joining metals. Works great on fishing reels. Easily applied with a mascara brush, bottlebrush or toothbrush. ULTRA Tef-Gel contains no volatile solvents, will not evaporate, dry out, or wash away, providing long lasting protection and ease of disassembly years later.

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