BWSurf Stallion Kiteboard


Stallion V2V2

This already amazing board now stronger, more sustainable, and with even higher performance.

Product Description

Stallion V2V2

V2: The BWSurf Stallion Kiteboard is now stronger, more sustainable, and with even higher performance. Certified Ecoboard manufacturing, new higher quality fiberglass and lay ups process, as well as more exact cutting and channeling tooling has allowed BWSurf and Appletree to produce an even stronger and higher performance Stallion.

Shaped by Dano See from DSDmfg, head kite designer at BWSurf, in collaboration with a new industry leading manufacturing center.

Inspired from Tomo but #nothinglikeatomo we’re proud to present our modern planing hull (MPH) board, the Stallion kiteboard. This board is a pure kite board design, with a bulletproof, state of the art construction and the highest performance.
You’ll be truly amazed by the fun you’ll have with the Stallion. A very easy, super fast and really controlled ride. You’ll be astonished by the speed you accomplish with this board. Great turning on the wave. The bottom is one of the many incredible features of the board. When you feel like jumping you will steal the show with the Stallion and land smoothly thanks to its wider nose and the handy grab rail, it’s also very light built yet super strong which makes it stick better on to your feet during aerial maneuvers.

The Stallion is the MPH concept wave trasher we’ve been working on for a long time, it was developed together with kitesurf legend Ian Alldredge. And don’t think this baby is only the best match for choppy, small waves and messy conditions. When the waves get bigger the Stallion stays completely in her element. With the Stallion you go big in every way.

The Shape of the BWSurf Stallion Kiteboard hasn’t changed a single bit, winner winner chicken dinner..!!!

Modern Planing Hull (MPH) concept:

This 3 stage rocker with concave is called “Modern Planing Hull” nowadays but actually has been around in the sister sport of windsurfing for decades before it found its way to the still young sport of kitesurfing. It’s all stemmed from early days of Surfing, when a lot of shaping was done with channels. The unique feature of Stallion is the mix of conceptual paths the water can flow which makes it plane early, ride fast, turn tight and be completely drag free. There is a precise formula of fin placement, width and channel dispersion, which makes these boards the best kitesurfing boards on the market today.

The unique and very pronounced bottom concave and channel concept gives the Stallion kiteboard the super fast drive and control in all conditions. The Stallion is especially designed for kitesurfing: thin, low volume, sharp rails, light and super strong with flex are the way to go to enjoy the most sensational kite sesh ever.

The manufacturing of the board is in Europe with Apple Tree Company, where a unique technology was developed to ensure the lightest and yet strongest board available on the market today.


*NEW We fine tuned and further improved the construction by using a higher quality of fiber glass and implementing the fiber in a different matting structure, as a result the Stallion V2 is even stronger than before. The factory invested further in their self-built cutting machine for an even more accurate result of the cutting process. The Stallion has been designed for kiting in every way, not only shape wise, but also offering you a bullet proof construction that withstands the fierce pressures during riding on the board and thus making the Stallion more durable.


XPS is like EPS so it only works with epoxy resin. However, it is different in that it does not contain the beads that EPS has. That’s why it’s called closed foam, it means it’s completely waterproof! So no worries when you ding the board. just keep kiting and fix it later. XPS is notoriously hard to laminate, but our fusion tech makes it possible! The core is fused with the skin, this gives an optimal bond between skin and core, virtually eliminating de-lamination.

Strategically placed patches provide a durable platform for your feet. These patches are made from a super high strength PET honeycomb foam that is radically different from any other honeycomb on the market today. The honeycomb is set into the deck of the board, it doesn’t just sit on top of the foam. The patches are sandwiched between fiberglass layers, together they form a very dent resistant layer and prevent denting marks on the deck under your feet.

The boards are glassed in clear epoxy so you can look directly inside the board, we have nothing to hide under layers of paint! The color on the boards come from tint in the resin itself, it’s transparent and will never fade.

*NEW For our Stallion kiteboard V2 we tested more eco friendly resins and we were stoked that these proved to be even higher performance and more durable for our Stallion than the resins we used before. So we’re happy to contribute to a more ecofriendly shredders world and be part of the ECOBOARDProject. You will find the official numbered Ecoboard labels on the V2.





4’10” x 17″ x 2″ | 18L 6.17 lbs

5’0″ x 17.4″ x 2″ | 20L  6.39 lbs

5’2″ x 17.88″ x 2″ | 22L 6.61 lbs

5’4″ x 18.33″ x 2.12″ | 24L 6.83 lbs

You cannot compare the shape of the Stallion kiteboard with a traditional surfboard, we recommend to ride it between 6′′ and 8′′ shorter then a directional. If you’re hesitating between 2 sizes, here’s a thought; if your first objective with the Stallion is the freestyle strapless discipline go for the shorter one. If your first concern is performance in the waves, go for the longer one.


Rider weight/height recommendation:

4’10” | Weight 120-155lbs | Height 55-65in

5’0″ | Weight 145-175lbs | Height 60-70in

5’2″ | Weight 165-200lbs | Height 65-75in

5’4″ | Weight 185-220+lbs | Height 70-80in



FCSII Fin box system – grey and tang (rears) color

Fin Recommendations: Medium quads for riders 155-195lbs



This board package comes deck only, fins and pad(s) are to be purchased separately. 

Murrays Review: I have to admit when I got on this board I had low expectations from a few disappointing sessions on a Vanguard.   But I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the Stallion can actually carve more like a traditional surfboard while maintaining the increased upwind ability of a tomo.  I found that it’s just a really accessible, easy to ride board And it can perform when the surf picks up!  That being said if you are looking to get in the pocket of some fast and hollow waves this isn’t your board.  It is a great everyday board for knee to head high surf.  Fast, lively, great feel and flex.   I’m coming off of custom shaped PU kiteboards, and I never thought I would go back to a production board but I’m stoked on the performance of the Stallion.  Carving on wave faces, strapless airs, you name it.  This thing is rad.

I usually ride thruster (3 fin) configurations.  And I love the extra upwind ability and low wind power that large fins provide.  But the deep and pronounced channeling and 3 stage rocker of the BWS Stallion give it amazing grip and unparalleled upwind ability even in light winds.  So I have been riding it with medium performer quads and I really like the combination of grip while edging and looseness on the face that they provide.

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4'10", 5'0", 5'2", 5'4"