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$180.00 pair

Product Description


The Ronstan Jib Swivel with Roller Fairlead is low-profile swiveling jib traveler car with roller fairlead, and it is a must-have item when rebuilding your older Hobie cat. Primarily designed as a H16 Jib Cleat. This car features a swiveling dead eye with cam cleat and stop. Includes the traveler car with stop.

Work with jib sheet up to 8mm in size. This is one of the best ways to upgrade your old H16 jib traveler car system. Unfortunately the parts for the stainless track system are no longer being made, and so the track must be upgraded as well.

Alternatively we have two Kisme H16 Jib Cleat options available as well.


H16 Jib traveler car upgrade.


Does NOT include the track.

This is a Murrays original product that is an upgrade to the original Hobie 16 Jib cleat.

This item can be used in place of Hobie Cat® item #1075.

This traveler car has replaced the 01-3130 Ronstan Jib Swivel w/rf car and requires the Ronstan Series 19 Jib Track



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