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ROBLINE SK99 1.1mm Kite Line Mini Reel


60m Mini Spool

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Product Description

ROBLINE SK99 1.1mm Kite Line Mini Reel

The ROBLINE SK99 1.1mm Kite Line Mini Reel SK99 Dyneema was designed to be the ultimate high performance kiteboarding racing line.  It is an 8 braid line made from the strongest SK99 Dyneema fibers.  It is incredibly lightweight, UV stable, and has virtually no elongation or shrinking.

High performance kite race lines are built specifically to have ultimate anti stretch characteristics. This effects both long term stretch, creep, and short term elastic stretch. This effects both the steering lines, transmitting bar input to the kite quicker, and center lines which transmit power from the kite to the rider for a more immediate and responsive power delivery.

The anti stretch characteristics transfer power quicker and more efficiently to and from the rider to the kite. Less stretch in the steering lines make the kite respond quicker to bar input and less stretch in the center lines transmit the power from the kite to the rider quicker for more immediate and crisp power delivery.

Likewise the narrower diameter increases performance as it provides less drag than stock lines. Drag on the lines is just more outright drag on the kite and it slows the responsiveness of the kite because it causes the lines to bow downwind, which cause lag in power transmission from the kite to the rider.

The Robline SK99 1.1mm line comes on 60m mini spools allowing you to make your own custom length race kite line sets. It is recommended to use a spool of 1.1mm for steering lines and 1.3mm for the center lines in alternate colors for making a custom racing kite line sets. A pair of spools can make 1 or 2 line sets depending on length.

Racers are using these lines on foil kites, and we do not recommend using these lines on LEI kites. Racers want to use the thinnest lightest lines possible so they need to utilize the lines full strength and not do anything to weaken the lines. The 1.1mm has a 650 lb breaking strength and the 1.3mm is 854 lbs which is pretty high. Due to the high performance nature of the lines which have been built for to have a high weight bearing load and anti stretch properties and not outright durability. Therefore it is important to follow the recommended splicing procedures so as not to weaken the lines and they should be checked regularly for wear.

Splicing Notes from the St Francis Racing crew:

1.1mm SK99 steering lines – finishing the line ends: racers not using stitching, lock splices splice, knots, or sheaths on their steering line ends.  to do this cut individual braids to taper the line end about an inch and then bury the line back into it’s self 10″ or more.  Then as the splice is not secured with a knot or stitch we recommend leaving your lines attached to your kite or using a pigtail if you plan to take them on and off the kite.

The 1.3mm SK99 is for center lines – finishing the line ends: taper the end about an inch, then bury the line back into itself 10″ or more, and finish with a stitch, using 300lb test spectra fishing line to stitch.  Attach with a pigtail for easy adjustments.

They don’t recommend lock splicing the line ends as it will weaken the lines, also tapering the line ends is very important or it will create a weak point that will dramatically shorten the lifespan of the lines.

2019-2020 average line lengths/recommendations.  Obviously customization is the name of the game here, but here are some guidelines from the 2019 racing season.  Line length per kite size recommendation: 8-13m kites use roughly 13m lines, 15s uses 15m lines and 18s uses 18m lines.

Splicing Tools:
To bury the tail: Micro D Splicer (wire loop style) fid
Cutting : Dyneema Scissors or a hot knife
Stitching: 300 lb test dyneema/spectra fishing line

Diameter: 1.1mm
Length: 60m
Breaking load: 650lbs


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