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Ridge Mount Foil Mount


Foil Mount – Ridge

Product Description

Ridge Mount Foil Mount –

Ridge Mount Foil Mount is for flat base boards to a shallow V base


The Ridge Mount Foil Mount 2.0 is a universal hydrofoil mounting system, this means that you can put almost any hydrofoil on just about any surf, SUP or Windsurf board that you already have.The ridge mount foilmount works on both flat bases and bases with a subtle V shape.

The Foil Mount uses 3Ms strongest adhesive backing tape to stick to the bottom of your board.  It will accommodate any foil that uses the industry standard 90mm track system (Slingshot, North/Duotone, Naish, Liquid Force, F-One, etc…).  Foil Mounts are great for retrofitting boards with through bolt holes to give them the adjust-ability of a sliding track system.  The FoilMount can be removed but cannot be reused.  It is very easy to install, just prep the surface with alcohol, peel the tape backing, and stick!

Ridge Mount FoilMount
This is the standard mount with a relief cut down the middle allowing for a mount on top of a ridge on the bottom of the board. The surface still needs to fairly flat, but allows for a slight ridge where the FoilMount will be installed.  It is suitable for most SUP boards, hydrofoil boards, Skim boards, Surfboards with a subtle V in the base.

The 2.0 Ridge Mount Foilmount includes:
-Upgraded FoilMount plate with one piece adhesive backing
-4 high strength stainless slider nuts
-1 set of 4 flat head M8x16mm bolts for Slingshot and most other foils
-1 set of 4 flat head M6x12mm bolts for Takuma Surf hydrofoils
-1 set of 4 pan head M8x20mm bolts for Moses and older Liquid Force foils
(instructions, alcohol pads, scotch-brite pad, FoilMount box)

Advise for mounting:

Preparing the surface: Clean the board surface where you want to place the foilmount with the included alcohol wipes.  We recommend using 3M 94 primer for boards with PU coatings for the best adherence.

Choosing the right spot: Make sure you attach to a completely flat area on the board. You will typically ride with your rear foot directly over the mast to slightly behind the mast. Moving the connection point further forward gives you a better ability to pump the board without the nose hitting the water.  Making sure to have good grip above the mast for your back foot and 2-3 feet forward for your front foot.


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