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64-115″ PowerStick Telescoping Carbon Tiller Extension


Product Description

PowerStick Telescoping Carbon Tiller Extension 64-115″

The PowerStick Telescoping Carbon Tiller Extension is a strong, ultra lightweight, adjustable length tiller.  Ideal for use on all Hobie, Prindle and Nacra catamarans, as well as A-Cats, Corsair and Farrier Trimarans.  The Powerstick locks by twisting the grip either direction.  It is possible to twist the grip 360 past the locking point which is great if you forget which direction you locked it in. The locking action is smooth and grips very well without needing a hard twist. It features a serviceable locking mechanism which ensures years of life and peak performance.

We waited so long for a replacement tiller for the Arriba and here it is!  Enter the Powerstick!  Excellent grip, easy and smooth locking mechanism, infinite adjustability with just a twist.

Color and Construction:  4 options available – Black Carbon, and Blue, Red and Orange Kevlar. The Black sticks are 100% carbon for ultra light weight performance.  The colored sticks are largely carbon with a colored Kevlar layer that adds both strength and color.  Kevlar fiber remain intact when broken leaving the 2 halves of the stick connected so you wont loose one half or possibly the sailor holding on the the end of it.


Adjustable Length: 64-115″

Weight: 0.9 lbs

Diameter: 1″

Material: Black Carbon and Colored Kevlar and Carbon


The PowerStick Telescoping Carbon Tiller Extension Features:

Serviceable – Internal locking mechanism can be easily replaced.

Easy Maintenance – Tiller can opened up and flushed for optimum performance.

Repairable – Includes a splicing rod to repair a damaged inner carbon tube if broken in half.  Simply cut off the broken segments and insert the splicing tube with some Marine JB Weld for a quick fix.

Includes a canvas storage and transport bag

Made in the USA by Sailors for Sailors


Yoke vs Universal attachment systems:

Yoke: The Yoke version attaches to your tiller crossbar with a yoke assembly, yoke assembly not included.  We recommend the Murrays Tiller Yoke Assembly


Universal: Universal tendons fit perfectly into the end of the Powerstick, universal system not included we recommend the Nacra Universal Joint


The Universal PowerStick does not include the universal tendon.  Tendons easily slip into the end and will require you to drill a hole in the tiller to install the tendon.  It is compatible with most universal tendons.  The inner diameter is just over 1/2″.

To install – Insert the Universal tendon into the base of the Powerstick and drill a 3/16″ hole into the side of the powerstick and about 1″ up and 1/4″ into the tendon, then insert a #10×1/2″ Screw.  You may cover with electrical tape or leave exposed.




An over-sized shipping fee of 15.00 will be added to your order.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Attachment Style

Yoke, Tendon


Blue, Orange, Black, Red

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