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Oxen Block Repair Evaluation

$70.00 each

Product Description


Murrays is a complete repair facility for Oxen (aka IFL, Ochsen, Ocean) blocks. Just send us your block and we will rebuild it for a cost of $70.00 plus parts and shipping. Some individuals have had success repairing their own blocks, but we have had many blocks sent to us in pieces when others have failed. We regret that our technician is not available to answer questions about how to rebuild your own oxen block.

Rebuild process:

Purchase this rebuild kit

Send us your oxen block with a copy of your receipt

We will open up your Oxen Block, clean it, lubricate it and assess if any parts that need replacing.

We will contact you if any parts need replacing, for your approval.  Most parts are only a few dollars, shy of the sheave and the housing.

Then we reassemble your block and return it to you.


The following information is provided so that you can make an informed decision about the repair of your blocks.

Unfortunately, not all Oxen blocks were created equal. There have been three generations of the Inner Hub Assembly and other differences in model construction. Also, a trained technician is needed to properly adjust the spring tension which is critical and unique to each block. In addition, the wear surfaces must be within 10/1000″ or there will be too much wobble and the block won’t work or will soon fail.

Older Versions of the Oxen Block:

  • Do not contain the “V” Ring Seals (#3) which keep water out of the unit. These blocks depend on a large amount of grease to keep water out. Needless to say, water gets in and corrosion takes place, especially on the springs which are not stainless steel.
  • Cannot be retrofitted with “V” Ring Seals because the Face Plate and Main Body Sheave will not accommodate seals.
  • Are lacking the Spring for the Trip Lever Paw. There is no spring and there is not even a place to put a spring. However, Murrays has constructed a special jig to update the core to accommodate the spring and we’ll be happy to retrofit your Oxen block.
  • Have different springs, depending on which model you have. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine over the phone which spring you need. Just send it to us and we’ll take care of it!
  • Can be upgraded to be comparable to a new Oxen block, but it is necessary to replace some or all of these parts, depending on the vintage of your block:
    • 1 Trip Lever Return Spring (#20)
    • 1 Face Plate (#8) to accommodate the “V” Ring Seal
    • 1 Main Body Sheave (#4) to accommodate the “V” Ring Seal
    • 2 Hub “V” Ring Seals (#3)
    • Other springs and “O” Rings as needed

    Replacement parts for Oxen blocks can be located in the Murrays online store by searching “Oxen”

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