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North Trust Bar 46-53cm bar with 24m lines and freeride chickenloop

$549.00 $399.00

North Trust Bar 46-53cm bar with 24m lines


Product Description

2017 North Trust Bar Description

Presenting the 2017 North Quad Control Trust Bar. Identical in design to the 5th Element bar, it’s best suited to 4 line kite models where the front line safety setup is steadfast. When released – via the Iron Heart IV – the Quad Control ensures that the kite rests powerless on the water at the edge of the wind window, allowing you time to gather yourself safely before relaunching. With a flowing feel, the Quad Control is responsive, straightforward and reliable.

Quad Control
The established 4-line system offers a single fronline safety system. When releasing the single frontline system all the power is redirected to one single frontline, whereby the kite will flag out easily and rest powerless on the water. Moreover, the kite will remain in a position that is ideal to relaunch the kite from the water. The safety pulley is specially designed for the single frontline safety system. The Quad Control bar is the safest 4-line bar on the market, offering unrivalled control and safety release options. The Iron Heart release is unparalleled in its efficiency and ease of use and forms the core of the bar through which the other safety systems flow. This allows the rider to get things back under control quickly and easily. The Quad Control Bar is identical to the 5th Element Bar aside from the 4 lines and single front line safety setup, ensuring it is the best on the market. However, 4-line systems can only offer limited safety functions. For ultimate safety and 100% depower, riders should choose the 5-line system.

Bar includes: Trust Bar ’17, Iron Heart IV, Vario Cleat, Quad Control Lineset, Safety Leash, Bar Stopper, and freeride chickenloop

Line Length: 24m

Additional information

Bar Size

42-49cm with 22m lines, 46-53cm with 24m lines

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