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Duotone Rope Chickenloop


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Product Description

Duotone Rope Chickenloop

The Duotone Rope Chickenloop is a rope slider chickenloop option for any Trust or Click bar.  It is compatible with all north or Duotone bars with the Iron Heart Quick Release.  Designed for use on Ridengine rope style spreader bars that have a rope for the chicken loop to slide left to right on.  It is also the most compact Duotone chickenloop to date and it can be used with a traditional harness hook. However it does not come with a donkey stick, so it is still best open up the chickenloop and run it thru the spreader hook.  Plus sides are it’s compact size.  Which means less wasted space between you and the bar, slides quickly on a rope, does not wear down the chickenloop or the sliding rope as much as a normal PU chickenloop.  Cons are that you have to pull the QR, open up the chickenloop and run the hook or rope thru the chickenloop. Meaning that you have to pull your QR to unhook.  This style chickenloop is ideal for surfing, foiling and those wanting to ride toeside.  A sliding chickenloop allows your body to rotate freely and is much more comfortable when riding toeside.

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Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1 in

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