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Product Description


The Liquid Force Impulse Foil is a freeride, crossover, and surf foil, created in collaboration with Southern California Cloud IX Surffoils, is catching the new wave of foiling.  Designed for quick lift and extended glides, the Impulse Foil offers an expansive speed range to make foiling accessible and high-performing in a wide variety of conditions and disciplines.  With its abundant lift, the Impulse Foil excels at freestyle kite foiling in light winds, providing extra time to nail those tricky transitions, buffering the landing when jumping, and letting you ride a full kite size smaller than normal as well as riding in lighter wind than you ever thought possible.  This copious lift also makes the Impulse Foil excellent for prone surf foiling and SUP foiling.  When you see guys like Kai Lenny pumping his foil out to catch the next wave, this is the kind of foil that does that.  The Impulse Foils allows you to connect to the wave energy and managing the power of the swell.  Behind a boat, the Impulse Foil can ride the first, second, or even third wake with or without pull from the boat.  The Impulse Foil features carbon wings and a carbon fuselage for the best combination of performance, durability, and minimal weight.  Fully compatible with Liquid Force’s extensive selection of foil wings, mixing and matching wings for different conditions and performance characteristics is as easy as removing a few screws and swapping the wings.  If you want to start kite foiling, advance your transition skills, increase your time on the water, SUP foil, or foil surf, the Impulse Foil is the one for you!


Comes With:

93.5cm Mast

Carbon Fuselage

Impulse Wing Set

Foil Hardware

Foil Travel Bag

Board mounting plate

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