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Liquid Force 2020 Solo Kite



Product Description

Liquid Force 2020 Solo Kite

Compared to the V3 the Liquid Force 2020 Solo has more power per meter, the steering is more responsive, and the bar feel has been improved. Whether its the new bridles or the new profile the kite just feels more responsive to sheeting and steering. Pull in to go and let it out to depower, it feels like each inch of throw is better utilized giving you more or less power in every inch of throw. The 2020 Solo has a larger sweet spot and which gives it a larger overall wind range within the bar throw.

We at Murrays have been big fans of the single strut kites since the original Airush One. And the Solo has been a hit with us since its introduction. Now in it’s 4th generation the Solo has been adapted to be an all around kite that anyone can enjoy from beginners to advanced riders. It’s easy to fly, super stable, and has easy relaunch making it a hit for riders of all levels. Liquid Force had everyone in mind for the demographic for this kite. The stability and intuitive flying characteristics make it beginner friendly while those same characteristics make it appeal to advanced riders who want something that they can trust when pushing themselves to reach new limits.

Stand out performance characteristics are its low end power, medium bar pressure, and amazing stability even in light and fluky winds. The larger sizes have an amazing amount of low end power in them which can get you out in lighter winds and on smaller kites than anyone else. The smaller sizes are great for foiling and will instill confidence in higher winds for anyone on a twin tip or surfboard.

We are stoked on the Liquid Force 2020 Solo and our instructors use the kite both for pleasure and for teaching which shows its versatility as they put it thru the full range of riding styles and teach absolute beginners with it. We feel very confident giving this kite to anyone that they will have a great time with it.


From Liquid Forced:

To achieve all of the design goals for 2020, a lot had to be done to the DNA of the Solo. We started by flattening the arc through the center of the kite, giving the Solo more inherent low-end power. Next, we cleaned up the profile of the canopy, making the kite more playful and quicker through the sky. To take full advantage of these two changes, we also widened the wingtips. This gives the kite more rigidity and turning response while widening the “sweet spot” of the kite, making it more accepting of increased rear line tension. Finally, we opted to use a compact dynamic bridle featuring two lightweight aluminum sliders. This bridle configuration opened the useable wind range of the Solo and increased bar feedback, giving you complete control over the kite in both high-wind and low-wind conditions. The Solo was, yet again, put on a weight reduction plan, making it the lightest kite in our line. By using a combination of lightweight bladders, minimal dacron application, and a trimmed out build, we were able to shave a significant amount of weight off of an already extremely light kite.

Wind Range Chart

Liquid Force 2020 Solo

Performance Features:

Platform – Ultra-Light single strut platform creating wide wind range and ultimate pack-ability.

Leading Edge – Constant sweep leading edge delivering direct bar feel and easy, quick re-launch

Material – Teijin technical coated triple ripstop canopy. Ultra-light, abrasion and tear resistant UV coated material ensuring longevity in kite performance.

Bridle – All new dynamic two slider bridal keeps a more uniform feel across the entire range of sheeting.  Not only does this improve bar feel, but also helps reduce canopy deformation when de-powering.

Max Flow – Inflating your kite should be easy, and with the exclusive Liquid Force Max Flow valve and pump system, it is! The widemouthed setup is nearly effortless and 40 percent faster.

Tapered LE Tips – This LE wingtip design, combined with the LF tape batten prevents accidental bridle wraps.

LE English Stitch Seams – Clean, inter locked, fray free design that creates a strong bond.

One Pump System – Single point inflation system will inflate and deflate your struts automatically.

Tension Trailing Edge – Reduces flutter, creates efficiency and increases TE strength


Additional information

Kite Size

12 Meter, 15.5 Meter, 5 Meter, 7 Meter, 9 Meter

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