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Kissme Jib Traveler Car and Pulley

$52.00 each

Product Description

Kissme Jib Traveler Car and Pulley

The Kissme Jib Traveler Car and Pulley is an upgrade to the stock jib traveler car on all pre 1997 Hobie 16s.  This jib traveler car with block is an improvement over the stock Hobie® 16 jib car because the jib sheet ties off to the car, making this a lower profile system than the origional. Additionally it allows for jib traveler control lines to allow for jib traveler car location control. Compare to Hobie® item #21230000.

Compatible with all pre-1995 Hobie 16s.  Pre ’95 Hobie 16s have external tracks that are riveted onto the front crossbar.  These cars are slightly larger than the original so they may require a little prying on the track with a screw driver to expand it a few 1000ths of an inch to get this new car in.


Compatible with the Ronstan 5/8″ jib track that was standard on all pre 1995 Hobie Cats.

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