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F18 Spinnaker by Hyde

$850.00 $765.00 each

Sails are built to order. Due to high demand, there is a 4 month lead time on Hyde Sail orders.


Boat Manufacturer

Boat Manufacturer

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Product Description

F18 Spinnaker by Hyde

Hyde’s white F18 Spinnaker cloth is a trade secret, designed using the lightest allowed silicone coated Nylon cloth making chute launching and recovery much easier. This lightweight cloth will fly earlier in lighter conditions and hold shape earlier, The spinnaker will also fly better at lower angles.  The colored spinnaker cloth is Contender Dynakote 75 which is silicone coated to aid hoisting and dropping. Both are regarded as some of the most stable and least porous spinnaker cloths available.  High cut clew to makes dropping and gybing easier helping to prevent the spinnaker wine-glassing. Maximum high aspect ratio reduces drag and increases power.

Hyde Sails has supplied sails for every Olympic games since the company was founded. Hyde sails has been working with the world’s most popular catamaran racing classes for 40 years, They have been developing high performance designs over many years to arrive at the fastest F18 sails available on the market today, and have become the choice sails for top athleats. The combination of Hyde sails consistency and offshore sail loft guarantee the best quality and most cost effective sails on the market. Sails available for all types of F18s.  Designed by Hyde sails head sail designer Richard Lovering multi national champion and ex Olympic squad sailor. Developed on the racecourse by championship winning sailors.

F-18 Results:

UK National Champions 2014, 2015, 2016

Belgian National Champions 2015, 2016

Dutch National Champions 2016

Australian National Champions 2016

World Championships 2016 2 race wins

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