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F18 Main Sail by Hyde

$2,225.00 $1,999.00 each

These sails are made to order. Due to high demand, there is a 4 month lead time on Hyde Sail orders.


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Product Description

F18 Main Sail by Hyde

Hydes F18 Main Sail is made from Dimension Polyant PEN polyester fibres, which is the highest tenacity material available under the class rules giving superior shape holding characteristics.  The slightly heavier weight than the standard laminate used, improving leech control, and transferring the Cunningham load more directly to the mast. Panel layout based on CAD stress analysis. Mould shape based on successful race winning design.

Hyde Sails has supplied sails for every Olympic games since the company was founded. Hyde sails has been working with the world’s most popular catamaran racing classes for 40 years, we have been developing our high performance designs over the years to arrive at the fastest F18 sails available on the market today. The combination of Hyde sails consistency and offshore sail loft guarantee the best quality and most cost effective sails on the market. Sails available for all types of F18.  Designed by Hyde sails head sail designer Richard Lovering multi national champion and ex Olympic squad sailor. Developed on the racecourse by championship winning sailors.

F-18 Results:

UK National Champions 2014, 2015, 2016

Belgian National Champions 2015, 2016

Dutch National Champions 2016

Australian National Champions 2016

World Championships 2016 2 race wins

Keywords: F18, Nacra Infusion, Wildcat, C1, C2, Phantom, Hobie, Tiger

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