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Hobie Getaway Line Package

$110.00 set

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Product Description

Hobie Getaway Line Package

Our Hobie Getaway Line Package makes upgrading your lines easy! All lines are pre-cut to the correct length with a hot knife to prevent fraying or unraveling.

You can customize your choice of lines for your Hobie Getaway by ordering each line separately. Simply note the recommended length listed below and click on the links where you can order alternate colors.

We do predominantly recommend black lines for their superior UV resistance which dramatically increases longevity when left in the sun.

Color of line may vary from picture.


Mainsheet for 4:1 System:

Dacron Spun Braid 3/8″ Blue
38 feet #39-0652


Dacron Spun Braid 5/16″ Black
32 feet #39-0552BK

Roller Furling Line:

Dacron Line 1/8″ Black
18 feet of #39-2309BK


Prestretch 8-Plait 3/16″ 5mm Red
5 feet #39-1410

Trampoline Lacing for Single Grommeted Tramp:

Very Low Stretch Double Braid 1/4″ 6mm black

15 feet Forward Tramp Lacing #39-1411
2 x 9 feet Rear Lacing #39-1411

Trapeze Adjustment:

Very Low Stretch Double Braid 1/4″ 6mm Black
2 x 3.5′ #39-1411

Batten Tie:

Dacron Solid Braid 1/8″ Black
8 x 1.5 foot pieces #39-2309BK

Murrays reserves the right to substitute colors and lines of equal or better quality if listed lines are not available.

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