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Hobie 16 Jib Traveler Car and Pulley

$109.00 each

Product Description

Hobie 16 Jib Traveler Car and Pulley

Do not let anyone fool you with a photo with a silver traveler car, the silver traveler is no longer available.  This is a Ronstan S19 or Series 19 jib traveler car.  It is not compatible with any stock Hobie.  This black S19 traveler car is what Hobie is delivering as of 2022.  They are calling it a 21230000, but it is not the same as the original model.  To use this new S19 traveler you will need to replace your Jib track with the Ronstan Series 19 Jib Track.

Ronstan was the original manufacturer of the Hobie 16 traveler track and the silver traveler car used in it.  However Ronstan stopped making both the track and the cars in 2019.  They replaced it with the Series 19 traveler car and track.  Unfortunately the holes in the new track do not line up with the holes in the old track, so you will need to drill new holes in your front crossbar to install the new Series 19 track.  The new Series 19 track and cars are nice, but might be a bit more work than you wanted to replace your traveler car.  If this is the case you can use the Kisme traveler car which works in the stock Hobie 16 jib traveler track on all pre 1995 boats with the external jib track.

Not compatible with the OEM external 5/8″ jib track that was standard on all pre 1995 Hobie Cats.

The 2nd picture shown here is the original version that Hobie is showing on their site and most dealers are using.  However it is no longer available.

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