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Gath Retractable Visor Helmet

$189.00 each

Sizing for the Medium and Large helmets changed with helmets made starting January 2020. If you are unsure of when your helmet was made or what size you need, please call 805-684-8393 or email


Product Description

Gath Retractable Visor Helmet

The Gath Retractable Visor Helmet, or full visor helmet features a unique close fit, low profile, light weight design that has made it a world class surfing helmet that easily crosses into whitewater kayaking, PWC, kitesurfing, and water skiing.

The Gath full visor is infinitely adjustable and holds in any position within its range to provide both the best vision and maximum face protection against the damaging elements of sun, wind and salt water spray. The “RV” comes standard fitted with a gray visor, but other visor colors are also available. The see-through visor is made from the latest high-impact shatterproof plastic and is designed to retract up for normal vision or slide down to provide total face and eye UV protection that blocks out more than 98% of UV sunlight, regardless of visor color.

Sizing Charts


For Helmets made starting in 2020:

Helmet Size Fits Head Size Liner Size
Up to 555 mm
560 – 580 mm
M – L
X Large
585 – 595 mm


For Helmets made through 2019:

Helmet Size Fits Head Size
Small Up to 555 mm
Medium 555 – 575 mm
Large 575 – 590 mm
X Large 585 – 595 mm


**These sizing charts are a guide only, as head shapes vary.
Measurements should be taken around the head – mid forehead, just above the ears.

Audio vents are fully adjustable to meet your needs. A storage bag is included. Weight: 460-510g, depending on size.

The Gath helmet with Retractable Visor has long been favored by:

  • Surfers in the tropics (pull the visor down for sun protection)
  • Rescue services (visor protects from helicopter prop wash and spray encountered while driving PWC)
  • Whitewater river enthusiasts (due to near total face and head protection).

“Congrats on a great product! As a trauma doctor and avid watersportsman, my compliments!”

Additional information

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