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Peak Visor Ribbed for Gath Convertible


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Product Description

This visor is included with Gath Gedi helmets, but can also be purchased separately.

The Gath Ribbed Peak Visor is made from quality flexible plastic and is easily attached to a Gath Gedi or Surf Convertible helmet to provide protection against from overhead sunlight. It is designed to flip up out of the way for total unrestricted vision and is especially appreciated when worn for sports requiring total peripheral vision.

Please note that pivoting visors for Gath Convertibles were developed for the Gedi model that has a solid forehead that acts as a stop, preventing the visor from pivoting too far down. Visors will fit the Surf Convertible model, but, because of the foam forehead, the visor does not function as well as on the Gedi model.

Use this page to order product numbers:

  • 52-0381 #1: Fits Surf Convertible Small and Medium
  • 52-0382 #2: Fits Gedi Small, Medium and Large. Surf Convertible Large and X-Large
  • 52-0383 #3: Fits Gedi X-Large and larger

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