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Gath Gedi Helmet

$169.00 each

Gath Gedi is chosen for water sports requiring a higher level of impact protection. White Water, Wake Boarding, Kite Surfing, Windsurfing and similar sports – PWC (power water craft), Jet Ski, Rescue and Professional activities.

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Ships with: Ear Protectors, Comfort Strips, Chinstrap Anti Rash Sleeve, and Peak Visor (installed).

Product Description

Gath Gedi Helmet

The Gath Gedi Helmet is a low profile high performance helmet built for medium to high impact watersports such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, PWC, Whitewater Kayaking and Rescue Operations. Designed for water and land use the Gath Gedi is features a rounded low profile fit to prevent drag when hitting the water at high speeds and also has increased padding to absorb higher impacts. This is more of your on the water sports helmet than in the water helmet like the Surf Convertible and Pro Surf helmets. The Gath Gedi features full head coverage, removable ear protection, multiple visor and bill options, and Gath’s multiple impact resistant liner. Chosen by Search and Rescue teams, lifeguards, PWC rescue operations, and extreme sports athletes alike. The Gath Gedi is the perfect choice for people needing a watersports helmet that will provide high impact protection without hindering their ability to perform in challenging conditions.

The Gath Gedi stands out from the rest of that Gath line up with its removable pivoting bill, higher impact rating, optional visors and cross sport capabilities.

Manufactured 2020 and later:

Manufactured 2019 and earlier: Gath Gedi Size chart

Helpful Videos

Sizing and Fit Video:

Installing Ear Pieces:

The Gath Gedi is purpose designed for extreme water sports

*  “Small and Round” size & shape prevents “bucketing” or “snagging”.  no hard “lips” or “peaks” that can scoop water or grab “rocks or reef”
*  Maximum Coverage, including the temple area, lower cranium and ears.
*  Light weight reduces neck strain.
*  Full peripheral vision with no blind spots.
*  Designed to prevent water from draining over your eyes.
*  Custom fit! Includes fitting pads and a buckle systems that do not permit helmet to become dislodged or displaced.
*  Uses appropriate materials & hardware like closed cell foam (does not absorb water) and stainless steel (does not rust).
*  Smooth, round ABS shell allows the helmet to deflect most hits and then give and flex to minimizing the “g-force” shock loads to the brain during impact. Studies now show that helmets that can flex absorb more shock than hard shells that transfer the impact thru to the user.

The Gedi meets the European whitewater helmet CE EN 1385 standard, having met all of the requirements for field of vision, extent of coverage, shock absorbing capacity, retention system performance, buoyancy and durability.

Design Criteria

  1. To provide maximum coverage that will STAY PUT (resist dislodging or displacement due to bucketing, rocks or snags), even after the second or third “hit” or “bump.”
  2. Easily adjustable to fit head size and shape.
  3. Light weight (360-420g) and low profile so that it will not cause unnecessary water resistance and/or neck strain.
  4. Versatile, adjustable for water or weather conditions.
  5. Durable (multiple impact) and low maintenance (easy-to-clean, fast-to-dry liner, marine quality components).

Materials: Gath Gedi helmets are made from quality materials to meet Gath’s strict specifications. Gath helmets are backed with a 3-year warranty. All materials are strong, durable, rust proof and will withstand harsh climate conditions and temperature extremes.

  • Shell: UV-stable, impact-resistant, quality ABS plastic.
  • See-Through Visors: UV-stable, shatterproof, quality polycarbonate plastic.
  • Peak Visor: UV-stable, shatterproof, flexible, quality nylon plastic.
  • Liner: Multi-impact EVA closed cell foam.
  • Comfort Strip: Soft, closed-cell EVA foam.
  • Fittings: All Gath helmets use custom-built screws and rivets that are made from strong non-corrosive materials.
  • Retention system: Gath comfort strips secure the helmet directly to your head, so there is no wiggle room.  This provides the best “custom” fit for the user keeping the helmet as close as possible and securely fitted to the head.

Please note that neither the included peak visor, nor any optional visor, should be worn while skydiving. The visors were not designed for the extreme speeds involved in skydiving.

Ships with: Ear Protectors, Comfort Strips, Chinstrap Anti Rash Sleeve, and Peak Visor (installed).

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