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FORWARD WIP BBt Waterproof Communication System- Wipper Headset Unit

$275.00$475.00 each

With the FORWARD BBT Waterproof Wipper Headset Unit you can make phone calls, listen to music, or connect to other Wipper Headset Units. This Bluetooth Headset can be used to expand a Basic Coaching Kit. This is a Waterproof comm integrated into a protective FORWARD Wipper helmet. You can select the color of the helmet as black or yellow.

Product Description

FORWARD BBt Waterproof Communication System

Wipper Headset Unit

With the FORWARD Bluetooth Waterproof Communication System: Wipper helmet w/ boom mic, over ear speaker & Bluetooth allows users to make phone calls, listen to music or connect to other FORWARD WIP BBt comms users. Includes Blue Tooth radio unit by Bb Talkin and headset with boom mic that integrates with special Forward Wipper ear pockets. Select helmet color: black or yellow.

Safer Sports

The quickest way to ruin the day is getting hurt. Improved communication means quicker reaction times and fewer accidents. The FORWARD BBt Waterproof Communication System Wipper Headset Unit provides the wearer with the ability to communicate clearly with another person up to a mile away as well as protection against head trauma. The system can connect to a cell phone and dial the last number called with the call button. An Emergency contact becomes much easier to contact in case something unfortunate happens. The helmet is 1385 CE approved for water sports.

Clear Coaching

Our Waterproof Comm System dramatically improves the coaching experience by allowing the coach and athlete to communicate clearly at all times. Full duplex communication leaves hands free. Comments and critiques can be given clearly during drills rather than discussed later on shore. Coaching time is exponentially more efficient with reduced communication barriers, improved student feedback and comprehension. Multiple communication groups can operate in the same location without interfering with each other.

-Full Duplex Communication (Simultaneous 2 way communication)

-Using a Master Unit, a coach can choose to talk to a group OR directly to individual

-No Shouting Needed!

-Instant feedback means reduced learning time.

-System can handle up to 1 coach and 3 students.

Kit Includes:

  • Forward BBt Wipper Headset Comm Unit: Part #52-2552-12_
  • Bluetooth receiver/transmitter
  • Over ear speaker and boom mic
  • Forward Wipper Helmet in your choice of yellow or black

FORWARD WIP BBt Waterproof Communication System- Simple Coaching Set

Without a doubt every coaching facility should have a set of these helmets. The hands-free communication increases the Learning curve and productivity on the water more than you can imagine.
-Robbie Daniel (Former kite speed sailing world champion)

FORWARD BBt Waterproof Communication System Wipper Headset Unit Specification

Maximum distance: *400m-1600m
Operating time: *5h-15h
Stand by time: 700h
Charging time: 2h
Water proof level: IPX7

bluetooth Ver.: 3.0
Profiles: HSP, HFP
Radio authentication: TELEC, CE, FCC

*The distance and operating time will depend on the number of paired devices.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Black, Yellow

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