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Forward WIP Aero Kite Seat Harness



Product Description

Forward WIP Aero Kite Seat Harness

The Forward WIP Aero Kite Seat Harness is a high-performance kiteboarding seat harness with and aerodynamic design and low-profile fit.  Designed specifically for kite foiling.  Kite foilers ride in a unique stance, bent forward at the hips, and they also create the largest percentage of overall wind drag with their body.  With this in mind the Forward designed the WIP Aero Kite Harness to fit the unique riding stance of foilers and reduce the wind drag on their bodies and increase overall speed.

Design Features:

– Innovative aero tech, designed with the best kite racers and foiling windsurfers in the world to reduce as much aerodynamic drag as possible to decrease drag on the body by up to 13%.
– Integrated Forward Aero Flow Vortex Technology, with strategically placed 3D chevrons, to positively affect airflow around the body reducing drag.
– Built with ultra-comfortable leg straps and an 8-point load dispersion system to equalize impact throughout the harness for endurance, comfort and control.
– Perfectly adapted to kite and wind foil racing.

-Includes removable Dyneema rear leash attachment.


Forward WIP Aero Kite Seat Harness


Forward WIP Aero Tech Seat Intel:

> Aero flow vortex technology – strategically placed 3D chevrons positively affect airflow around the body, reducing drag
> Innovative high performance seat harness with covering of the 8-point load dispersion system – for increased aerodynamics
> Lightweight materials and ultra comfortable leg straps – designed to keep you agile
> Total adjustability – to get the perfect fit
> Compact and low profile – so nothing gets in your way when maneuvering
> Innovative spreader bar featuring a compact hook to give riders more throw, and a center thru hole connection option for those who do not want to use a chickenloop


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