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Forward WIP 3mm Neoprene Fly Top



Product Description

Forward WIP 3mm Neoprene Fly Top

High abrasion rubber coating in strategic areas with 10mm neoprene on flex zone for shock dampening.  Unique WIP superflex construction with integrated thermoplastic sheets for shock spreading on the side and elbow. Tactical high stretch 3x2mm neoprene selection. Zippered front for easy in/out & body temperature control. Great overlap with neoprene pant for extra insulation.

The Forward WIP 3mm Neo Top is an excellent top that can be worn alone as an outer layer or can be worn under a Smock or Semi-dry for warmth. The Smooth skin on the chest prevents evaporative cooling and is keeps your core warm even in harsh conditions.  The chest zip allows you to open up the top to manage your level of insulation.

Construction: glued and blind stitched, suprflex neoprene with a soft fleace liner.  The flece liner is an incredibly comfortable, warm antibacterial inerlayer.  Reinforcements added to key areas: elbows, sides and wrists, the Forward 3mm Neo Jacket is very comfortable and built to last.

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