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F-ONE Rocket ASC 6’2″ 130L


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Product Description

F-ONE Rocket ASC 6’2″ 130L

The F-ONE Rocket ASC 6’2″ 130L features a compact length and extra-sturdy construction. The ROCKET WING ASC is an intuitive, forgiving, and accessible board. Benefiting from the ROCKET WING’s shape, this board will perform at all stages of wing foil progression.

  • Accessible and stable
  • Light weight, responsive and extremely durable thanks to its ASC construction
  • Optimized rocker line for the most intuitive ride

Specs:  6’2″ x 31″ x 5″ – 130L – 20lbs

At 6’2″ and 130L. The F-ONE Rocket ASC has enough volume and width to make it a perfect entry level and light wind board that will allow riders to stand-up easily as well as making it back to the shore, even when the wind drops. Its dimensions are ideal for an easy progression.

The entire ROCKET WING range makes it possible for any rider to experience the exhilarating freedom and sensations of wing foiling. The dimensions and shapes of our boards are unique and specific to the sport to ensure you make the best use of your wing and foil.

The ROCKET WING ASC is ideal for all stages of wing foil progression and will provide stability from side to side, impressive responsiveness, and an easy and smooth transition into flight.

Shape: This board features a straight, optimized rocker line for an easy take-off and an intuitive ride. The sharp beveled rail profile and double concave hull shape will help you be up and flying in no time, and you won’t be unsettled when occasionally hitting the water or during touchdowns.

Tech: Using state-of-the-art ASC technology, the boards benefit from one of the most advanced molding processes in the world, which also reduces waste and increases shape accuracy. The ROCKET WING ASC are strong and durable. No matter how many dings, bumps or falls you suffer on the board, it will handle it.

ASC Range: The size range has now been expanded to include five options, from 5’0 to 6’2, for even more fun on the water. The high volumes and generous widths make it possible for most riders to stand-up easily and to ensure that riding back to shore is possible, even if the wind drops. The ROCKET WING ASC will perform at all stages of wing foiling.

The ROCKET WING ASC is equipped with a recessed bottom handle for easy carrying, a full pad, rail savers, and the Twin-Tracks system to connect with most foils on the market.

ASC Boards Include foil mounting hardware, M6 x 15mm bolts and M6 T-Nuts

Special Note: The ASC boards have a shallow mast track that requires short bolts and thin track inserts. Works with both the Wizard hat system and our stainless mast track inserts.




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