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9m F-One Bandit-S Surf Kite

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Product Description

9m F-One Bandit-S Surf Kite

The all-new F-one BANDIT-S is a dedicated strapless and surf kite that is the choice of champions and riders who truly value surfing with a kite.

  • Effortless maneuverability: steer the kite exactly where you want it
  • Excellent drift: Focus on your surfing, not on the kite
  • Power on demand: Switch it off and re-engage it with fingertip control
  • Fantastic stability: Enjoy a smooth ride whatever the conditions
  • Predictable: The BANDIT-S responds immediately to every rider input


The F-one Bandit-S has got to be the most aggressive and reactive surf kite on the market.  It is extremely fast in response to turn initiation, it’s turning speed and the speed at which it crosses the wind window.  The Bandit-S jumps very well both in its ability to reach great heights and it’s impressive hangtime.  The Bandit-S is ready for the GKA stage and has proven its performance by propelling the F-One crew to the top of the GKA podium repeatedly.  The Bandit-S is really quite an impressive beast for both Strapless freestyle and in the surf.  It has a great wind range, can shut off the power for riding waves and finishing cutbacks.  The Bandit-S fly quite far forward in the window while maintaining outstanding stability.  The Bandit-S excels in side-on wind conditions with it’s ability to quick to whip around with ease for every bottom turn and cut back off the top.  It also rips in on shore and off shore alike with its high angle of attack which allows you freedom to turn hard into the wind and has the stability and drift to run downwind with ease.  All the above characteristics make the Bandit-S an excellent foil kite as well.  No mater your conditions or style of riding the Bandit-S is an amazing Surf/Strapless Freestyle/Foil kite.


THE F-One BANDIT-S Surf vs the 2020 Bandit
The first thing we noticed about the F-One Bandit S is the steering dynamics stark contrast to the Bandit 2020. The bar pressure on the Bandit-S rings in at light to medium bar pressure and when compared to the 2019 and 2020, the Bandit-S has the lightest bar pressure of them all. The Bandit-S features a very tight turn, with a smaller radius steering path that is really pivoting off the center of the kite. The steering response felt really crisp and seemed to be the quickest of the lot (faster than 2019 and the Bandit 2020). The Bandit-S has a longer depower stroke, meaning that the bar travels a great distance over the bar’s throw, but it also offers 100% depower at the end of the stroke. Compared to the 2019/2020, the Bandit-S really gives you a progressive and smooth depower and it seems as if the Bandit-S offers a bit more depower at the end of the stroke than the Bandit 2019. F-One likes to talk about the concept of ‘lateral pull’ and when you compare the Bandit-S and Bandit 2020 you’ll find that the Bandit-S deals with the pulling power a bit differently. When you hit a gust on the Model S, if the kite is placed a little deeper in the window, it will load up that power and will pull hard if you hold the bar sheeted in. Let the bar out, and the Bandit-S releases all that pull and hovers deep in the window. The power delivery is finely tuned to the bar’s sheeting position. Unlike the 2019/2020, the Bandit-S can’t be pushed to the edge of the window by edging your board, it will continue to pull until you release the bar.

This is what makes it an excellent high-depower surf kite; it sits deep in the window and power is controlled with your bar for when you need it and when you don’t. The lightning quick steering response and tight turning radius helps you keep the kite in proper position and allows you to strategically ride the wave without having to over-focus on kite location. The drift is really good with its deeper position and stability, which also makes this kite an excellent choice for foilboarding.

The Bandit-S is offered in sizes 4m through 10m because these are the sizes where F-One believes wave-specific design is most important. If you need bigger than 10m, the Bandit 2020 is available in 11m and up, or you might go with the lighter canopy of the single strut Breeze model. While the hybrid sizing might be a bit confusing, it takes into account what most experienced surf kiters will tell you, riding waves in 12m conditions is not optimal. It also attempts to bring one quiver to the multi-discipline rider who can go with the surf model in smaller sizes and big air in the bigger sizes.

F-One Bandit-s performance



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10 Meter, 6 Meter, 7 Meter, 8 Meter, 9 Meter

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