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Eleveight WS V3 Kite



Product Description

Eleveight WS V3 Kite: Wave Series

Eleveight WS V3 Kite Description:
One of the benefits of having a brand that is owned by the designer is the amount of time and resources that Eleveight is able to dedicate to the design and developing their products. Combine this with the fact that Eleveight’s fearless leader’s favorite discipline is Surf, and you can be sure that the WS represents his idea of the perfect kite. The WS is fast, stable, and surf tough. Eleveight has been surprised each year in terms of the popularity of their wave specific WS series, so Eleveight added 3 sizes for 2020 to meet consumer demand. The WS has received rave reviews from beginners and flat water enthusiasts to strapless freestylers and big wave chasers alike. It was Nuno’s kite of choice when he broke the Guinness record for largest wave ever kitesurfed, and never ceases to make us feel confident and in control in any situation on the water.


Murrays Review:
The description that keep coming to mind when flying the Eleveight WS V3 is confidence inspiring.  Seriously, it almost feels like you’ve pushed the easy button. Without sacrificing any performance or ability to absolutely rip the Eleveight WS immediately makes you feel comfortable, in total control and able to perform at your highest level with minimal effort. The WS feels like a very easy and simple tool, but thru our extensive kite testing we know that there is a lot going on which enables the WS to perform so well in a wide range of conditions.  The bar feedback provides an very connected feel allowing you to know exactly where the kite is at all times and what it is doing. The power delivery is smooth and consistent.  The WS has a solid low end and almost infinite top end, we have flown this kite well outside its recommended wind range and were totally comfortable while other kiters were back on the beach pumping up more kites.  The WS is just so consistent that you can always know where it is and what to expect from it which instills confidence and allows you to purely concentrate on your riding.


Bar Pressure/Feedback:
The bar pressure on The Eleveight is medium to light.  The WS is a very direct feeling, responsive kite.  It has just enough bar pressure and feedback so you can always know where the kite is.


Smooth power delivery:
We have been riding the WS in some pretty up and down, gusty conditions and it does an amazing job of translating those gusts into a really nice even pull.  The WS does a great job of providing a consistent pull from anywhere in the window.  It pull consistently thru turns.  The power increase as the kite flies thru the middle of the power zone feels very linear, meaning its easy to know how much to brace for the power surge and use it to your advantage.  All of this makes the WS very reliable, as the power delivery is predictable and very easy to control.


Most wave kites feel like they are either geared towards their low end and have heaps of grunt but limited depower or geared towards the high end with amazing depower but not very much raw sheet in and go power.  The WS stands right in the middle but still manages to have nearly endless depower.  Its low end power is very true to size, but it’s top end is very generous.  Depower is another area where the WS inspires confidence. The WS can depower so easily that it makes it easy to handle whatever comes at you, gusts, waves, current, you name it.


Custom Tuning:
Like most kites you can adjust the bar pressure and turning speed like most other kites on the rear bridle attachment.  Additionally the WS has a front bridle adjustment that allows you to adjust the turning style of your kite, enabling you to tailor the turning style to your liking and for your conditions.


Adjustable turning settings:
     We love this feature on the Eleveight kites.  We have seen kites with front bridle settings but this feature has never really been well explained or understood, and most kites that we have seen it on didn’t perform well outside of the standard setting.  But Eleveight has labeled the attachment point pigtail and the canopy to make it easy to use and understand.
     The 3 settings are: Tip, Standard and Pivot.  This changes affect the axis that the kites turn on.  These setting dictate how large the diameter of the rotation is in the sky, how much power it generates thru the turn and how long it takes to complete any given rotation. On the user end they change how hard and how long you need to pull to get the kite thru a turn with Pivot being that quickest and Tip being the longest.




Pivot – This setting makes the kite to rotate on an axis in the center of the kite. This setting has the fastest rotation.  It spins around a central axis and redirects its self without needing to move up or down in the wind window.  This setting rotates the kite the fastest and with the least power generated thru the turn.  This is the best setting for quickly redirecting with the kite when you do not want to generate any additional power allowing you to put the kite exactly where you want it without getting pulled off course.  Surfers like this so they can position the kite right where they want it and they can stay on the wave.


Standard – This setting makes the kite rotate on an axis half way between the center of the kite and its wing tip.  This setting will generate some additional power thru the turn but not a lot, and it will rotate only about half a kite width out side of a wingspan a full bar tilt turn.  This is the happy medium setting that the kites come set on and most people ride on.  It can rotate quickly with out much effort and it can still make a sweeping turn to generate power when needed.


Tip – The Tip setting makes the kite pivot on its wingtip.  So the kite will change in altitude about one kite width.  This setting will generate the most power thru the turn and will take the longest to complete a rotation.  This is the setting for those who want the kite take a wider turning arch and to generate more power thru the turn.  Great for freeriders,  powered turns, boosting, and high winds as it slows down the tuning making it easy to handle when the wind wants to turn the kite really fast.


● Three strut Open-C Hybrid design
● High-performance kite for wave, freeride and foil kiting
● Rapid and direct pivot turning characteristics
● Stable downwind drift for carefree surfing
● Medium aspect ratio for huge wind range and low end
● Light bar pressure for single hand control
● New bridle system with added trim option for customized performance
● Superior materials like X4 canopy and XT cloth made by Techno Force™


CHANGES for 2020
● Flattened arc for more low end performance and optimized power generation in turns
● Additional kite sizes to complete quiver
● More sweep in the wing tips for better upwind and low end performance
● New five-point bridle system for increased stability and linear bar feel
● Additional trim option in the front bridles allows customization of turning behavior
● Redefined trailing edge load diffuser reduces flutter and improves durability
● Thinner battens for less weight
● New load dynamic super seam to increase durability and avoid seam damage
● New Extreme Tenacity LE and strut material by Techno Force™
● New bridle deflector to cover the LE closing seam


‘Surf’ is the essence of our WSeries kite’s origin. This is the wing Eleveight CEO and designer Peter Stiewe rides when slicing through the faces of Portuguese slabs, dropping into South African wedges or hitting the lips of Brazilian walls. It combines pivotal turning with extra smooth power generation and unmatched downwind drift – its performance was proven in maxed out Nazaré but also transfers to small wind swell at everyday spots. The third generation is equipped with our new trimmable five-point bridle system and comes with a flattened arc that improves the low end strength while optimizing the power generation in pivotal turns. We also increased the sweep of the wing tips, strengthened the seams and upgraded to the latest XT material by Teijin for the leading edge and struts. The Eleveight WS V3 Kite is your ticket to the green room.


The Eleveight WS V3 Kite design is a surf specialized wing with outstanding and intuitive handling. Its turning characteristics and drift make it the perfect companion in all wave conditions.


Eleveight WS V3 Kite: Wave Series

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