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Eleveight OS V3 Kite



Product Description

Eleveight OS V3 Kite

Advancing the boundaries of light wind performance, the OS allows you to take off in a slight breeze making it the top choice for all foil riders.


OS V3 Performance Features

    • One strut mid-swept hybrid design for foiling and freeriding
    • Highly efficient and stable performance kite with dynamic turning speed
    • Optimized aspect ratio for superior light wind performance
    • Backstall and bridle wrap proof with automatic relaunch
    • Feather-light yet ultra-durable quality design

Design Vision: The OS V3

Experience pure happiness in light winds with the OS dedicated foil and freeride kite. Discover a whole new world of kiteboarding under 10 knots, and achieve outstanding performance with V3 of our feather-light Open-C kite design. With outstanding agility, direct control and stability, the OS is easy to tame, and the steering is well-defined and precise. The power deployment is astonishingly smooth even when looping the kite during transitions and switching stance. The fluid movements in the sky naturally transfer to the rider and the improved projected area has increased efficiency even further.

For V3 we’ve fine-tuned the bridles to enhance the stability and the kite will also perform well in stronger winds and gusts. Thinner LE tips have decreased the risk of bridle wrap, and lighter bladder material has resulted in a weight reduction across all sizes. Our ongoing technical development has produced a kite that’s more agile, sturdier and even lighter than ever before.

Add the OS to your quiver and take off in any breeze.


Eleveight OS V3 Kite Features:


Adjustable turning settings:

     We love the adjustable turning setting on Eleveight kites.  We have seen kites with bridle settings but this feature has rearly been well explained or understood, and most kites that we have seen with it on didn’t perform well outside of the standard setting.  But Eleveight has clearly labeled the attachment point pigtail and the canopy to make it easy to use and understand.
     The 3 settings are: Tip, Standard and Pivot.  These setting affect the axis that the kites turns on.  These setting dictate how large the diameter of the rotation is in the sky, how much power it generates thru the turn and how long it takes to complete any given rotation. On the user end they change how hard and how long you need to pull to get the kite thru a turn with Pivot being that quickest and Tip being the longest.


Pivot – This setting makes the kite to rotate on an axis in the center of the kite. This setting has the fastest rotation.  It spins around a central axis and redirects its self without needing to move up or down in the wind window.  This setting rotates the kite the fastest and with the least power generated thru the turn.  This is the best setting for quickly redirecting with the kite when you do not want to generate any additional power allowing you to put the kite exactly where you want it without getting pulled off course.  Surfers like this so they can position the kite right where they want it and they can stay on the wave.


Standard – This setting makes the kite rotate on an axis half way between the center of the kite and its wing tip.  This setting will generate some additional power thru the turn but not a lot, and it will rotate only about half a kite width out side of a wingspan a full bar tilt turn.  This is the happy medium setting that the kites come set on and most people ride on.  It can rotate quickly with out much effort and it can still make a sweeping turn to generate power when needed.


Tip – The Tip setting makes the kite pivot on its wingtip.  So the kite will change in altitude about one kite width.  This setting will generate the most power thru the turn and will take the longest to complete a rotation.  This is the setting for those who want the kite take a wider turning arch and to generate more power thru the turn.  Great for freeriders,  powered turns, boosting, and high winds as it slows down the tuning making it easy to handle when the wind wants to turn the kite really fast.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Kite Size

10 Meter, 12 Meter, 14 Meter, 6 Meter, 8 Meter

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