DYNABAR Fixed “U” Bolt


DYNABAR Fixed “U” Bolt

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Product Description

Dynabar “U” Bolt

The Dynabar “U” Bolt is compatible with DYNABAR XT V7, V8 and V9 frames and has two main features:  1. by attaching the chickenloop closer to your body is that you can reach farther up the centerline giving you more depower and making it easier to reach the depower system. 2. The closer attachment point also provides less leverage on your spreader bar which is a kin to having a pivoting spreader, but with no moving parts.  It will rotate up less and the side to side leverage is decreased as well.  Great for riders who do not want a sliding bar but still want to be able to rotate easier and ride toe side easier.  Ideal for racing, wave riding, and people who always ride hooked in.

Comes with 2 Nylock nuts for instillation. *We recommended using Locktite on the nuts when installing*