Dynabar Prowave Slider Bar XT V8 and V9


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Dynabar Prowave Slider Bar XT V8 and V9

Dynabar Prowave stainless steel slider for the XT V8 and V9.  The Prowave slider allows for the fastest and most responsive hook slide.  Great for wave riding as it allows the user to fully rotate their bodies during turns and cutbacks. Provides the closest feeling to surfing without a kite. Also ideal for those who do not want any parts that will wear over time.  The HD slider bar will last for years without need for repair or replacement.

Hardware included: Two nylock nuts are supplied to fix it to the DYABAR XT V8 frame and we suggest to drop glue or LOCTITE before you lock them.

Available in 11″ and 13″ sizes

This version is suitable only for DYNABAR XT V8-V9 model but you could adapt a DYNABAR XT V7 and XW V8 and V9 by widening it 2-2,5 cm.


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11" Dynabar, 13" Dynabar