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Duotone XL Kite Pump


Product Description

Duotone XL Kite Pump

The Duotone XL Kite Pump is all new and has a more flexible hose than ever. The XL pump pushes 3 liters of air per stroke which¬† is significantly faster than a standard 2L pump, so you can get out on the water faster. The taller height also means you don’t have to bend over as far while pumping, allowing a more ergonomic pumping action.¬† The foam filter keeps sand out and easy to read pressure gauge that is built into the top of the pump. It has a screw insert for either high or low volume input, and the adapter fits like a glove. The Duotone hose has a different size hose diameter than most other pumps so you can use a Duotone on most other kite brands with a Boston style valve, but you cant trust a non Duotone pump to work on your Duotone kite.


10 x 4 x 24

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 4 × 24 in