Dakine Front Foot Pads


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Product Description

Dakine Front Foot Pads

The Dakine Front Foot Pad gives you secure traction for your front foot, whether you’re trying plant more tricks, or stay on top of your board coming out of monster barrels, you can’t argue with the advantage of two-foot traction. This updated pad features low profile grip pattern and cut outs, giving you maximum grip while still letting you feel the board under your feet. Like all of our traction pads, it features 3M® high grade adhesive.

Forget the wax! Dakine front foot pads provide all weather grip and allow you to never worry about wax again. This lightweight 3-piece front foot surf traction pads feature cut EVA foam for increased traction and minimum weight. The Front Foot Pad measures 16-inches wide and features high grade 3M adhesive for the ultimate adhesion. Get higher with the Front Foot Pads.

The Dakine front foot pads are great for surfers and kiters in hot areas that can’t use wax, also great for people who like to leave their boards in the car and don’t want their wax to melt.  Provides traction and bit of padding as well.  Designed for kiteboarders and surfers alike.  Light weight design, with hole cut outs to reduce weight without sacrificing performance, durability or grip.  3 piece design works on a wide variety of board shapes and widths.



  • Dakine Positraction
  • Three piece front foot pad
  • Cut outs enhance board feel and increase grip
  • 3M® high grade adhesive
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty


Dakine Front Foot Pads Dimentions

  • 19.25″ x 16″ [ 49 x 40cm ]

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