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Cabrinha Hi:Rise Lift Hydrofoil Package 40% off


Includes: Cabrinha Hi:Rise Lift Foil with 65cm mast

Product Description

Cabrinha Hi:Rise Lift & Varial Hydrofoil Package

The Cabrinha Hi:Rise Lift Hydrofoil is a very user friendly and dynamic package that can take foilers from 1st steps into advanced riding.  The Cabrinha Hi:Rise Lift foil is a versatile freeride foil that can cross disciplines to meet the needs of kiters, surfers and wing surfers.  The Hi:Rise platform offers many options for riders looking for a 1st foil or those who want a quiver that can handle any conditions.  This package allows you to customize your foil to maximize savings and utility.   The Hi:Rise offers foil package offers 2 board options, and the 3 stabilizer settings on the fuselage that can make the Hi:Rise Foil work for virtually any rider or riding style.  

Package includes:

Lift foil – The Lift is a stable and intuitive wing designed for low speed take offs and freeride performance, to take riders from their 1st steps to gaining confidence doing more advanced maneuvers.

65cm mast – The 65cm Mast is included and provides the most stability and ease of use for learning, surfing and for shallow water.

Top plate – US 4 bolt mounting system

Fuselage – 75cm Aluminum Wide nose Fuselage

Stabilizer – Cabrinha Hi:Rise Lift Rear Foil Wing

Hardware – All foil hardware included, boards come with foil to board mounting hardware

Cabrinha Hi:Rise Lift & Varial Hydrofoil Options:

– Board Options: 5’6″ AutoPilot and 145cm Double Agent

5’6″ AutoPilot doubles as kite foilboard and a foil surf board with 36L of volume to help riders paddle into small/mushy surf. Specs: 5’6″ x 21.4″ x 2.2″ – 36L

145cm Double Agent moonlights as a Surf Skate with its included quad fins set that turns it into a loose playful kitesurfboard for small waves and it has inserts for footstraps for freeride performance. Specs 145 x 48cm

– Mast: Hi:Rise 65cm

Cabrinha Hi:Rise Wing

  • Lift – 1500cm


Lift and Varial Wing attributes and uses

The Lift Wing is a thinner, and slightly higher aspect wing that comes up to a foil at around 6 mph and can hit speeds into the mid 20s.  Its shape offers stability, ease of use and inspires confidence. Speed 6-28mph

Lift User profile: kiters who want a stable platform to gain confidence and practice new maneuvers, lighter surfers and wingers


Murrays 2 cents: Lots of foils out there have performance pitfalls, weather they create increasing amount of lift as the speed increases making them had to keep down or the balance on their 3 axis are not even which will make it feel stiff and slow to respond on one axis and and or another is really loose which makes them less intuitive and it inevitably holds them back at some point.  The Lift wings are very well balanced which makes them carve and pump really well and they don’t seam to be hindered by their size in the way that they don’t create increasing amounts of lift with speed nor does their size prevent them from hitting higher speeds.

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