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BWS Bula Bar Control System – 46cm

$559.00 $349.00

Product Description

BWS Bula Bar Control System – 46cm

The BWS Bula Bar is BWSurf’s above the bar trim kite control bar.  The Bula Bar is the ultimate in refined simplicity.  It features coated center line which also houses the flagging line.  This center tube prevents fingers chafing on the center lines, rules out the ability to get your finger between the line and the flagging line,

The narrow grip with a lightly textured surface provides grip without abrasion.  The Bar ends are padded to prevent any damage to self or your board.

The Bula Bar is simplicity refined, clean, clutter free, very minimal but does everything you need and does it well.  The coated center line houses both the sheeting line and the flagging line and protects both you and them from abrasion.  The Quick Connect Chickenloop is very compact and has an auto cock feature that holds the Quick release hood up after opening it so you only need to push the chicken loop back into it to reconnect.

ACTION ROLLER – Trim with precision combined with the Cleat Lock even when full powered
CLEAT LOCK – Marine grade stainless steel. Provides easy trim control with superb line management through Velcro hold down
‘ALL IN’ CENTER LINE – The rugged 12mm diameter PU centerline houses flag out depower line and primary load bearing center line
INTEGRATED BAR FLOATS – Molded in one piece minimizing the chance of the bar wrapping around lines during wipe-outs. Bungee line holders for tidy storage
BELOW BAR SWIVEL – Allows for simple, manual unwinding of the front lines
QUICK CONNECT CHICKEN LOOP – Pre molded into a U shape, making reset even easier when combined with the automatic docking and push reset feature

50cm leash with push away release cuff

22m / Kites lines of the Austrian line manufacturer Teufelberger. FL14 for front lines / FL10 for back lines

3 sets of pigtails allowing the Bula Bar to be used with all brands of LEI kite. (20, 25 & 30cm)

Nylon bar bag

beau pilgram blua bar

“The Bula bar is perfect simplicity & everything I look for in a bar. The soft cushion grip is gentle on the hands so I can ride all day and the awesome new addition of the velcro de-power overhang means it never gets in the way. The Bula bar works seamlessly and is definitely my go-to bar for riding.” Beau pilgrim, Australian team rider

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46cm, 52cm

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