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BBTalkin Bluetooth Microphone & Speaker Universal Helmet Earpiece Kit (Stereo)


Product Description

BBTalkin Bluetooth Microphone & Speaker Universal Helmet Earpiece Kit (Stereo)

The BBTalkin Bluetooth Microphone & Speaker Universal Helmet Earpiece Kit (Stereo) is a speaker and mic combo designed to work with virtually all helmets.  It provides users with 2 way, real time communication, with no push to talk required.   The rugged waterproof design features 2 earcovers with integrated speakers and a compact boom mic.  Great for coaching, Sailing, Crewing, Kiteboarding, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Windsurfing, PWC, Foiling, SUP, Kayaking, and more.

Designed for use in water sport environments the BbTalkin universal stereo earpieces deliver full duplex 2 way communication for coaching applications and Bluetooth connectivity.  Great for use in kiteboarding schools, Junior sailing programs, Sailing teams, and communicating with fore deck crew or below deck.

New high impact design: dpaded design for high water pressure due to impacts and improved corrosion resistance.  The new modular design comes from years of testing in wakeboarding, and kitesurfing school with students using the coms day in and day out.  This testing has has put the coms thru repeated high speed water impacts, and subjected them to both fresh water and salt water environments.    The new high impact design can stand up to amazingly high levels of abuse.


BBTalkin Bluetooth Microphone & Speaker Universal Helmet Earpiece Kit (Stereo) Features:

Universal mounting design with Velcro and 3m adhesive installation options

Stereo sound with 2 speakers

Short boom mic, redesigned for greater water resistance and easy to replace parts

2 way – full duplex communication, no push to talk.

Modular design – replacement parts available and easy to install

Short connection cable for helmet mounted Master/Main unit.


Installation: 2 installation options, 3m Velcro strips for easy removal or peel and stick dual sided 3m adhesive strip for permanent installation.  If you are using this in extreme water sports or conditions, we recommend using the permanent 3M adhesive strip.


Compatibility: Can be installed on virtually any helmet without ear covers.


Replacement parts: The new design allows for replacement of specific components if they become damaged or compromised.  You can change out and replace just the speaker or microphone.

Replacement Microphone Component

Replacement Speaker Component


Recommended  helmets:

Fowrard Wipper

Gath Surf Convertible

B03R Requirements: Earpieces with speaker and microphone only, must used with a BbTalkin Master or Main unit for Bluetooth connectivity.

Additional information

Weight 0.32 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in

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