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Barz Sport Goggles with Blue/Grey Lenses

$120.00 each

Product Description

Barz Sport Goggle 

The Barz Sport Goggle is the best eye protection available for extreme conditions.  Barz Sports Optics from Australia were originally developed for surfing to provide eye protection from salt water, sand, sun and wind. But the more people that see them, the more uses we discover… Boating, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Skydiving, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Water Skiing, Windsurfing, Skateboarding, etc.

Barz produces their injection molded frames in South East Queensland, Australia. All assembly is also carried out at their HQ, enabling them to achieve optimum quality control. The “ARFA”, is supplied with three sizes of flexible interchangeable bridges, enabling the glasses to flex depending on the wearer’s face shape and nose bridge width. The “ARFA” suits Asian, Caucasian and Negroid face structures from children to adults.For motorcycle and PWC riders, mountain bikers, surfers and surf kayakers, sailors who need protection from heavy “spray in your face” type conditions, kite boarders and windsurfers, snow skiers and snow boarders who are sensitive to dry air, sky divers, race boat drivers, high altitude climbers, dry eye syndrome, industrial safety, rescue services and military.

Safety Frame Tech:

  • The Barz Sport Goggle molded nylon frames are virtually unbreakable and were designed so that the lenses cannot be dislodged inwardly from a frontal impact. Lenses for Barz Goggles must be installed and removed from the front. By including unbreakable polycarbonate lenses with Barz Cross-Sport safety frames, you get the strongest and safest Rx-able sport goggles possible.

Custom Fit:

While Barz Sport Goggle comes fully assembled and ready to wear, they can be easily disassembled and rebuilt to provide a more customized fit. Included options and variables include:

  • Nose bridge width (3 choices).
  • Curvature of nose bridge (flexible bridges self-adjust to the curvature of your face).
  • Gaskets (2 sets included, 1 pair each of vented and sealed) are asymmetrical and provide rotate-to-fit capability. Note: Soft, firm and deep gaskets are also available to amid fitting.
  • Strap tension. Custom fitting requires a bit of patience, but no tools.

The gaskets are tapered; by rotating them they adjust to fit any face.  The surf goggles come with two sets of gaskets.  One set comes ventilated and the other set can be customized (after adjusting them) by putting holes in the bottom with a paper hole punch.  Water won’t get in when you duck dive and they will still drain well.



  • BACK STRAPS : Barz Optics are supplied with positive grip stretch nylon strap for all applications. The Neoprene pad can be threaded onto the strap allowing the glasses to float for in/on-water uses.
  • COILED LEASH : is designed to clip onto the slot in the glasses frame and onto the user’s life jacket, wetsuit or wet shirt. It is ideal for use in turbulent water such as surf or river rapids.
  • BARZ SOFT PROTECTIVE CASE: Is designed to protect your quality optical product from heat and scratching the neoprene will float if dropped into the water and the clip allows it to be clipped onto a belt loop when not in use.
  • FLEXIBLE BRIDGES: The three sizes should enable the glasses to fit up to 95% of the faces in the world. These bridges are made from flexible nylon and should withstand much abuse and UV damage.
  • BARZ OPTIC WARRANTY: Barz have a 12-month warranty against faulty workmanship or product failure. Barz gaskets and flexible bridges have a 12-month warranty against failure or loss. Please contact your distributor for replacements.Due to the extreme elements that our product will be put through, we cannot warranty our lenses against scratching but we do supply replacements for a nominal charge.



Additional information

Weight N/A

Standard Blue Grey, Polarized Blue/Grey


Crystal, Blue, Red

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