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Airush Flagging Line


Product Description

Airush Flagging Line

The Airush Flagging Line is the bungee safety line that runs from the leash attachment point to one of the front lines to and is used to flag out the kite after the chickenloop quick release is pulled.  It may also be known as a Safety line, flag out line, bungee line.  But all those terms refer to the red line that runs thru the bar connecting your leash to either one or both of the center lines.  You should periodically check your flagging line for wear and replace it every 60-100 sessions or every 2 years to make sure your safety system will work when you need it to.  This line is known to wear overtime and it is good to always have a replacement on hand as a back up or when traveling.

The Airush Flagging Line is compatible with all Airush bars going back to 2010.  The list of Airush bars includes the Airush Analog Bar, Smart Bar, Progression Bar, Core Bar, Core Cleat Bar, Core Strap Bar, Ultra Bar, AP Bar, Diamond Bar, Race Bar, all the way back to the introduction of the Brain Quick Release.

This item is an Airush factory replacement part.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in