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Fishing Line Cutter for Torqeedo Motor – Discontinued

$449.00 each

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Product Description

This fishing line cutter can be a valuable, motor-saving addition to fishing boats and pontoon boats with Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 & 4.0 motors. Torqeedo motors are efficient and durable in the “normal” course of usage. However, “normal” does not include getting tangled in fishing lines! Fishing line can cause serious damage to Torqeedo motors. If drawn into the motor behind the prop, fishing line will break the seal and allow water into the motor. End of motor. This is not covered by Torqeedo warranty.

The cutter has two concentric cutting rings– one fixed and one that turns. The fixed ring of the cutter is secured to motor with the motor and prop guard frame and the moving ring is secured to the back of the propeller. The propeller with cutter mounted is included.