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Tuff Strut 0.1mm Bladders

$16.50$26.50 each


Product Description

Tuff Strut Bladders are different from any other bladder on the market. Over two times as durable, these bladders have been specifically developed to withstand the abuse of kiteboarding. The big secret to Tuff Bladders is stretch. While other bladders are stiff and pop easily, the Tuff Bladders stretch when put under pressure, then quickly go back to their original shape. Use Tuff Bladders in any kite when you want the toughest, most durable bladder available.

Available in 40″, 50″, 60″, 70″, 80″ and 90″ lengths to fit any size kite.

To Replace your bladder measure the strut you want to replace and get the next bigger size Tuff strut bladder.  It’s better to have to much bladder than not enough.  Its best to tie a line to the valve on your bladder before you remove it so that you can use the line to help pull the new bladder back into the kite.  Then either remove your old valve by putting it in hot water and then reapplying it with an Airush Valve Trap or install a new valve with a 9mm inflation valve or a One Pump Valve


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