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Ocean Rodeo Mako King 165cm

$899.00 $849.00 each

Product Description

Ocean Rodeo Mako King 165cm

This is the last generation of Ocean Rodeo Mako King coming with the 3 fins tail option.  The newer boards will only come with 1 fin in the front and 1 in the rear.  We are including the additional 3 fin pack, 69$ value, to allow you to ride this board in the mutant set up.

The Ocean Rodeo Mako King has enjoyed an unassailable reputation and a cult following as the ultimate “real world” twin tip kiteboard, since 2002. Whether you ride it in short-fetch chop, the leeward shore of a lagoon, or rolling ocean waves, the experience is the same: ultra-smooth freeride performance. What’s the secret? The Mako has the deepest concave of any twin tip in production combined with rounded tips, down-turned rails and a perfectly tuned rocker line. It delivers a powerful fluid carving experience and a dependable rail for stratospheric boosting.The Mako offers Freeride enthusiasts of all backgrounds, a board suited to their riding style and size.  The wood core ensures your board will survive the rough and tumble coastal conditions for which this board is built to perform. The Mako 165 can be set up for Twin Tip or Mutant style riding, and has an optional fin expansion pack.


  • Wood Core Construction: More durability with faster flex response.
  • Duraclear top and bottom for extreme durability.
  • Tapered ABS rails to take the hits.
  • Massive 18mm concave to smooth out chop and deliver hard carving performance.
  • Rugged snowboard style construction.
  • Bliss pads are 3D EVA foot pads and feature ratcheting adjustable straps.
  • Mako King Specs: 165 x 44cm
  • Can be set up in a conventional Twin Tip mode with one fin per side or as a Mutant style bard with 1, 2 or 3 fins in the tail.
  • Comes standard with 2 fins 55cm fins, and the fin expansion pack for 3 80cm fins if you want to ride it as a mutant.

Since 2015, the Ocean Rodeo Mako King comes with Bliss footstraps and pads and the deck foam pad has been replaced by a textured traction grip on the surface of the board. The Bliss footstaps provide much better padding for landing airs and removing all the deck foam and reduces the weight of the board while the new deck grip helps maintaine good traction on the deck.  This change also represents an increased value, as the Bliss straps and pads have a retail value of $189.00.

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