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Liquid Force Moon Patrol Kiteboard

$499.99 $249.00

Product Description



The Moon Patrol Kiteboard is new to the Liquid Force Board line up is the Hippy Stick category of semi directional twin tips.  While they hate to say it these are a throw back to the “mutant” boards of the past.  They are easy to ride with your dominant foot forward, with added nose rocker and a medium concave they are a lot of fun to layover on an edge and carve.  The Moon Patrol is great for days you just want to carve in the waves, chop or flat water.   These boards scream upwind, and allow more front foot pressure than a traditional twin tip which takes a lot of the load off your back leg, making for a very comfortable ride.  This board is a freeriders dream, carving, boosting, cruising, mowing the lawn or throwing endless back rolls, the Moon Patrol brings a fresh shot of fun back into any conditions.

Sometimes full circle means a better circle. The Moon Patrol Kiteboard is a blast and ode to the past. Hints of mutant board technology blended with modern directional snowboarding inspiration have brought to life this futuristic board shape that will take you to the next dimension of the kiteboarding universe. The Moon Patrol kiteboard is a directional water transport machine that is not bound by a singular one-way traffic sign. A slight tapered tail in the outline, and a set back from centered stance will allow  you to slash your way across all liquid water surfaces. The rocker line is asymmetrical, with slightly more nose entry rocker than the tail, to absorb monster chop and towering white water. Don’t let this scare you from blasting off in just one direction. T.F.R.(Tips, Front, Rear) technology allows the board to be ridden with ease, either off the nose or the tail. Unlike its mutant predecessors, the bottom contour features a single concave through the tips, directing water though the fins for a smooth ride and efficient upwind projection. The Moon Patrol comes with 6 fins; 4 x 4cm and 2 x 5cm to allow the rider to step up the rear fin setup for more hold and drive.

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Weight 7.52 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 23 × 4 in