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Kitefix Mini Repair Kit

$28.99 each

Product Description

The mini-kit is a compact and economical package that contains what you need to make quick and easy professional grade permanent kite repairs.

Fiberfix is the reinforcement fiber to be used with Glufix. This self-adhesive fiber increases up to 10 times the resistance of a repair. In order to have a permanent, ultra-resistant, esthetic repair in a record time, you simply join the 2 parts of a tear together with the Fiberfix and add a layer of Glufix over it.

Glufix is the only adhesive specially conceived for kitesurfing equipment. Ultra resistant and flexible, Glufix will allow you to make permanent and durable repairs on your kitesurf equipment. Used with Fiberfix, one Glufix tube can allow you to repair a tear up to 4 feet long!

Bladder leak? No problem! KiteFix’s ultra-adhesive patches are a must. Extremely adherent, flexible and with no glue to add, they allow you stop a leak very quickly. You simply cut the size needed from one of the large strip.

The self-adhesive Dacron tape is ideal to reinforce a repair on the leading edge or on the struts. The tape also allows you to make a quick repair on any part of your kite.

The Mini Repair Kit includes:

  • 1 oz. Glufix tube
  • 2 12" self-adhesive Dacro® strips
  • 4′ of Fiberfix white tape
  • 3"x3½" bladder ultra-adhesive patch
  • Glufix applicator
  • 4 alcohol swabs
  • Detailed user’s guide
  • Brush
  • KiteFix ‘lost board’ sticker.

Additional information

Weight 0.18 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in

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