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Universal Kite Pigtail – Each


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Product Description

The Universal Kite Pigtail is an 6″ pigtail with a knot and a knot/loop. The universal pigtail can be used with any kite on any knot/loop combination.  They can be used as a knot and loop combination, a loop and loop combination, and you can add a second knot to make a knot and knot combination.  The Universal Pigtails can be used to replace your current kiteboarding pigtail set or just a part of it. Typically pigtails are used in sets of 8 with 4 on the kite lines and 4 on the kite and utilizing 3 colors. The center line are all the same color because your kite should have a swivel so getting them backwards isn’t a problem and then the outer lines utilize different colors on the right and left so you can easily connect the right end of the bar to the right end of the kite and so forth. We also recommend reversing the connection points on the center lines and the outer lines so that they cannot be mismatched, and are therefore Kook-Proof. Sold in individually.

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