HQ Rush V 300 3m Trainer Kite Package

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Product Description

The HQ Rush V is HQ’s 5th generation trainer kite and they made a great leap forward this year by reinforcing the air foil cells with baffeling.  Check out the video below, no other trainer kite can take this kind of abuse!  HQ has been continually refining their kites year after year and we belive that the Rush V is one of the best trainer kites to date!   If you are looking to get into kiteboarding spending time with a trainer kite is the best way.  The Rush V can be used to learn the bascis of the sport and then it can still be used for snowkiting, kite buggies, dirtboards, and more.


The Rush V 3m Relaunchable Trainer Kite helps make your first step into powerkiting successful.


  • Very smooth and stable flying characteristics.
  • Durable construction with reinforced profiles and sewn bridle.
  • Flying lines already attached to the kite.
  • Excellent light wind performance.
  • Easy relaunch – simply tug on one line after a crash to rebound.
  • New profile and shape.
  • Wrist leash Included
  • New reinforced cells, now even more durable!

Included Rush 4 Accessories:

  • New redesigned backpack
  • Control bar
  • 20m Dyneema line set
  • Safety system
  • Trainer kite guide

Color of kite may differ from photo.



Why use a trainer kite?

Practicing with a trainer kite is the best way to get into the sport of kiteboarding, it gives you practical hands on experience flying a kite.  Trainer kites are inexpensive, durable, compact, and very accessible.  All you need to start flying a trainer kite is open space and 5 to 15 mph of wind.   Trainer kites will teach you basic kite handling skills, the wind window, how to launch and land a kite, how to handle the power kites can generate, and harnessing the wind so you get pulled in the directions you want to go.   Trainer kites also have cross over potential to be used with dirtboards, SUPs, skies, snowboards, kite buggies and more. 

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