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JetRescue Bag with Clamp Kit

$60.00 each

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Product Description

Designed to be purchased in conjunction with a JetRescue communications package, this kit includes waterproof bag, metal closure, in-line connections, (as needed to allow attachment and removal of Radio Interface — RI = Plug attachment from radio to Comms Kit— which is required for installing or changing waterproof bag), and installation.  (RI may be too large to pass through "thumb" in bag, so smaller plugs are needed inside the bag.) Plugs and installation (with labor) are included in cost of this kit. The special order kit will be customized to suit your radio, so connections may vary.

Waterproof bags are absolutely required for non-waterproof radios (rated IP-6 or lower) and, when expensive radios are involved, extra care must be taken to assure that the waterproof bags are fully intact and properly sealed. They should be inspected at end of every session and before the next session.

Waterproof bags may be desirable for all radios, especially if they may be subject to sudden and extreme pressure as when falling hard into water or punching through waves. Please note that waterproof ratings IP-7 (15 min at 1meter) and IP-8 (1hr at 5meter) are tested in calm water, not the real world.

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