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Hobie 18 Mast Base Hinge

$95.99 each

Product Description

Hobie 18 mast base hinge

Hobie has discontinued the Hobie 18 mast base hinge casting.  So Murrays made our own.  The Murrays Hobie 18 mast base hinges are machined out of 6061 aluminum and anodized.  Our are much stronger than the original Hobie part. We gave them a slightly larger hinge pin hole so they should not require as much drilling to install as the Hobie version.  Made in California.

Hobie® factory replacement part is the hinge necessary for raising and lowering the mast. To avoid breaking the mast hinge on a Hobie® 18, check proper alignment of holes to allow correct seating of hinge to mast base. It is also important to limit side-to-side travel of the mast when raising/lowering the mast. It’s a good idea to keep a spare mast hinge on hand just in case!

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