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3M Marine Adhesive Dual Lock Rectangle

$7.00 each

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Product Description

3M’s Dual-Lock™ Adhesive Mount is five times stronger than conventional hook and loop fasteners. The industrial-strength adhesive holds backing securely in place and offers convenient, semi-permanent mounting of the Velocitek SC-1 and SpeedPuck. It is also useful for attaching other marine electronics, securing cabinets and doors below deck, and keeping loose items secure until they are needed.

The system features a clear, Very-High-Bond Scotch® VHB adhesive backing that provides strong bonds to a variety of marine surfaces, including most bare and painted metals, fiberglass, glass, painted wood, ABS plastics, acrylic, polycarbonate and rigid vinyl. Not designed for use on copper, brass, or rough or porous surfaces such as unfinished wood. Simply press to close, peel or pull to open. The audible "snap" indicates when interlocking stems are engaged to assure secure closure. Clear when attached, so it allows the surface to show through. Includes one 2" x 4.6" UV- and water-resistant strip that can be cut to the desired size.

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