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Forward Gust Evo Sunglasses


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Product Description

Forward Gust Evo Sunglasses

The Forward Gust Evo Sunglasses have been developed for action water sports. However, their stylish design makes them an everyday accessory. The rubber arms include an integral elastic chord that keeps the sunglasses secure.  The nose grip is easily adjustable to fit different nose shapes, and created a buffer between the frame and your nose so that it helps prevent the lenses from fogging.

Innovation : these sunglasses are designed with a security system, discreet and efficient for not loosing them during capsize for example. An elastic strap is integrated inside the arms and fits behind the head to prevent them from coming off, and its particularly effective when worn with a hat.

The Forward Gust Evo Sunglasses frame has been designed to get an optimal fit: profiled to fit the shape of large range of faces shapes and widths.
Adjustable grip nose (silicone with plastic co injected to keep the ideal shape)
Designed to be 100% compatible with our sailing helmet.
Equipped with an interchangeable grip for a great stickiness and a possible customization (4 colors available)

• Frame  Colors:  Black, White, Grey,
* Lens Color:  Dark Gray
• Helmet Compatible enveloping temple arms • Security system with elastic urethane cord fixed inside each arm end.
• Polycarbonate  lenses Class 1 (Best Shatterproof) category 3
(dark) , 100% UV
• Adjustable nose grip
• Delivered in a super deluxe shock proof case

*  Changeable rubber arms in Blue, Red & Pink
*  Replacement Lenses
*  Rx Lenses

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