Forward Water Impact Vest

Forward Water Impact Vest



Product Description

Forward Water Impact Vest

The Water Impact Protection (WIP) vest by FORWARD Sailing offers great comfort and protection for serious sailors, including kite surfers and windsurfers, as well as white water & SUP  paddlers. This WIP vest has a close-fitting. low bulk design that offers great mobility and a large range of motion.  Everyday benefits include:  Ability to swim faster and re-board capsized boat easier.  And, the vest is designed to be compatible with FORWARD Sailing WIP Tops, WIP Pants and  WIP and most other Sailing harnesses.

The Forward Water impact vest has thermo molded high density foam padding at strategic locations and is feature-rich with:
* Side-Zip w/ double webbing strap closure system,
* Special neoprene “anti-slip” strips inside prevent vest from “riding-up”,
* High Visibility Shoulder Pockets for small tools or lip balm and/or a safety hook knife,
* Zippered pocket on the front for small tools & sun protection,
* Pocket on back for storage.  (Back pocket was used by Team Artimus to carry VHF Radios wired to their helmets).

Vest Options:  A chest mounted “Spare Air” sleeve or  VHF radio pouch, and a rope cutter safety knife that can fit in a specific knife slot built into the vest.

Please note that this FWD Water Impact Vest is not not a life jacket and is not US Coast Guard approved as a personal flotation device but does comply with EN393/A1 and ISO 12402-5 Euro standards ( 50N = approx 15# positive flotation).  Note: This Forward impact vest is not dis-allowed for use by USCG nor by NAHCA. Additionally, it has been ruled by NAHCA that using vests that meet the Euro 50N Standard is not a protestable infraction.

Buoncy aids do not reduce the risk of drowning. They do not guarantee that the user will be saved. This product is for adults that know how to swim. Effective performance may be hindered by the use of waterproof clothing or modifications.

Special Note & Vote of Confidence: Team Oracle buys the Forward Water Impact vests for the Americas Cup sailors


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