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Main Fiberglass Batten Hobie 42-11/16″

$34.99 each

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Product Description

Fiberglass battens are stronger and less expensive than foam battens, but also heavier. You trim the batten to the exact length needed (minimum 39-1/16″).

The 42-11/16″ batten can be trimmed to fit:

  • H14 #6 42-11/16″
  • H16 Main #8 41″
  • H18 Main #9 39-1/16″

Battens are numbered starting with #1 at the bottom and counting up. Measurements shown are guidelines only, so be sure to measure your sail’s batten pockets before cutting! When measuring sail for battens, add approximately 2″ to length of batten pocket to allow for compression and batten ties. Wear gloves and mask when cutting fiberglass. Luff caps are included.

A $12 oversized item fee will be added at checkout (one fee per order).

Additional information

Weight 0.46 lbs

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